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Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

Even the most comprehensive scheduled maintenance program can result in undetected faults leading to unexpected failures before your next scheduled maintenance. Condition monitoring allows you to be proactive in preventing breakdowns, helps you avoid unplanned shutdowns and enables you to optimize maintenance resources by automatically scheduling maintenance as needed based on analysis of asset condition data.

Condition monitoring measures the health of an asset through monitoring and analysis of data. eMaint's Condition Monitoring feature lets you to define acceptable boundaries for equipment operation, import readings, graph results and automatically trigger an email or generate a work order when a reading indicates that boundaries are exceeded. This is an important step in moving from scheduled preventive maintenance activities to need-based predictive maintenance.

Key Features & Functions

  • Define monitoring classes for each asset
  • Noise, vibration, temperature, lubricants, wear, corrosion, pressure and flow can be monitored independently
  • Readings can be entered manually or imported from a file
  • Upper and lower boundaries of acceptable operation are defined for each asset
  • Readings can be displayed as a report with color-coded exceptions
  • Emails can be auto-triggered when a boundary is exceeded
  • Work orders can be auto-generated when a reading falls outside of predefined boundaries

Outsourced PdM Integration

Find potential failures before they cause negative impact

eMaint CMMS integrates with SEMEQ, a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) service provider that specializes in the utilization of condition monitoring instrumentation, techniques and technologies.

With this integration, all negative diagnostic reports recorded by SEMEQ will automatically generate a corrective work order in eMaint. Once the work order is completed, the work history and corrective actions will automatically be logged into SEMEQ.

eMaint's integration with SEMEQ enables organizations to experience world-class results:

  • Reduce operator time by eliminating double-work
  • Improve asset health by automatically generating work orders
  • Save money by detecting failures early

Screen Shots

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Predictive Maintenance
Condition Monitoring Center

Predictive Maintenance Software
Monitoring Points Defined

Condition Monitoring
Data Analysis Report

Exception Work Order
Exception Work Order

Meter Readings
Meter Readings Chart